In The Beginning, covering our history from 1913 to 1934 was written by Alex Cross, CSI(C), in 1963 (to mark our 50th anniversary). Available either as a four page digest or the full length, 36 page version.

Up The Years, covering the years 1934 to 1970, was written by Tom Elliott, CPHI(C), and published in 1975.

January 3, 1934 was the birthday of the Canadian Institute of Sanitary Inspectors. On that date the Secretary of State for Canada gave “Public Notice” that Letters Patent had been issued to the Institute pursuant to the provisions of “The Companies Act”. This was the culmination of a process which had started 14 years earlier in 1920. read more about it on our Charter page.

2013 marked the centennial year for CIPHI. We had lots of exciting projects and events. The highlight was the Annual Educational Conference, held in Winnipeg from June 23-26, 2013. Here are some other centennial projects that highlight our proud history.

We have recently compiled and scanned the minutes of the National Executive Council into PDF format, and organized them into three separate archives.

CIPHI has recently found a copy of the oldest surviving document regarding the history of the Institute, the minutes of the 7th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Sanitary Association, held in August 1920, Edmonton, AB. This document contains the proceedings and the educational presentations, including an interesting one titled “The Dawn of Hygiene”.

The Atlantic Branch – An Historical Sketch, covering the Atlantic branch of CIPHI from the 1930’s to 1980, was written by Robert C. Estabrooks, CPHI(C), MRSH, and originally published in 1980. It was re-published here in 2007.

On January 3 1934, CIPHI was granted a Dominion Charter by Canada’s Secretary of State. Read more about this important document on CIPHI’s Charter page.

Our professional journal, the Environmental Health Review, has had a few different titles and editors over the years.

A complete listing of all CIPHI AGM’s, from 1913 to the present.

Over the years, our organization has had a few different names.

Charter members of The Canadian Institute of Sanitary Inspectors, April 2, 1934, Winnipeg, MB.

Presidents of our association, 1913 to the present

Executive Secretaries of our association, 1913 to the present

Chairs of the Board of Certification (BOC)

Chairs of the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada (EHFC)

Chairs of the Council of Professional Experience (CoPE)

Award Recipients