Volume 60 Issue 4 of the Environmental Health Review Now Available

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Volume 60 Issue 4 of the Environmental Health Review Now Available

CIPHI Members,

The latest issue of the Environmental Health Review is now available via the Membership Services Centre.


We welcome all members to continue to submit articles for publication. Submissions from practicing environmental public health practitioners, educators, and researchers will help to inform the field about current and important issues and continue to make the Environmental Health Review a must read journal.

I hope you enjoy reading this Issue.

Andrew Papadopoulos, PhD, CPHI(C)
Editor, Environmental Health Review

Motion to Amend By-law #7 Passed at AGM

Motion to Amend By-law #7 Passed at AGM 

At the 2017 CIPHI Annual General Meeting the membership voted  in favour of changing  By-Law #7 in support of mandatory membership implementation. The National Executive Council would like to thank all members who attended the AGM to cast their vote and those that voted by proxy on this important issue


The CIPHI Membership passed a motion at the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) that the National Executive Council (NEC) take all necessary actions required to  incorporate the annual maintenance of a regular CIPHI membership as a requirement for the maintenance and use of the CPHI(C) credential for all individuals certified after January 1, 2017.   Failure to meet the membership requirements for the maintenance and use of the CPHI (C) credential can result in the suspension of the CPHI (C) credential

 It was subsequently established that the most appropriate way to implement the wishes of the CIPHI membership  was to empower the CIPHI Board of Certification (BOC) to suspend and reinstate certificates. This required an amendment to Bylaw 7 and an amendment to the Board of Certification’s Regulations. 

The following bylaw amendments were taken to the membership  for voting and all  votes cast were in favour of the by-law change:

Amendment #1

Add the following to SECTION 2 (A) Power of the Board: 

 The Board of Certification shall have the right and power to suspend a Certificate in Public Health Inspection (Canada) issued after January 1st 2017 to those persons the Board deems have not met all the requirements of the Board as provided in the Regulations. 

The Board of Certification shall have the right and power to reinstate a Certificate in Public Health Inspection (Canada) issued after January 1st 2017 to those persons the Board deems have met all the requirements of the Board as provided in the Regulations. 

 Amendment #2

Add the following to SECTION 1 Definitions:

 E “Suspend a certificate” means that the person issued that certificate cannot use the title “Certified Public Health Inspector (Canada)”, use the designation “Certified Public Health Inspector (Canada)” or represent themselves as a “Certified Public Health Inspector (Canada)” until such time the certificate is reinstated.

 Next Steps

The Board of Certification has  worked in cooperation with the National Executive Council ( NEC) on this issue  and is now working on an amendment to BOC Regulation to support this by-law change.  

 Submitted on behalf of the National Executive Council by:

Ann Thomas
National President CIPHI

New President-Elect

The CIPHI National Executive Council is pleased to announce that Kari Engele-Carter has been appointed as CIPHI National President Elect effective July 2017.   Kari will assume the position of CIPHI National President on January 1st, 2019.

As many of you will know, Kari has  been President of CIPHI SK Branch and a member of the National Executive Council since fall 2013. Prior to that she  served as Secretary for SK Branch and the Chair of 6th Annual Professional Education and Development Seminar of CIPHI SK Branch (2013).  During her term on the CIPHI National Executive Council, she held  positions on the following committees:  Awards Portfolio (Chair), BOC Appeal Board Panel (Lead), Membership Committee;  Member Service Centre Committee (Lead), Communications Committee and the Finance Committee .

Kari has been a significant  asset to CIPHI during her term  on the National Executive Council and she is looking forward to the opportunity to continue to volunteer with CIPHI in an expanded role.  Her goals  for CIPHI National include ongoing responsible financial planning, member engagement and advocacy and educational opportunities.  Kari is dedicated to implementing the mandatory membership frameworks and strengthening NEC relationships with CoPE, BOC and EHFC.  It is her goal to  ” to connect with more members and continuing work with the amazing dedicated volunteers of CIPHI, both provincially and nationally.”

CIPHI is fortunate to have someone with Kari’s knowledge and experience assuming  this  leadership position. Please join me in welcoming Kari to her new position as National President Elect.

Ann Thomas
National President CIPHI

Revised Code of Ethics Released May 1st 2017

CIPHI is pleased to announce they have released an updated Code of Ethics for members.

Volunteer CIPHI now live!

Volunteer CIPHI is now here for members to create the best possible volunteer experience by providing CIPHI governing bodies and Branches of CIPHI to post their volunteer positions. It also provides a place for potential volunteers to access opportunities and express interest in being a volunteer.

Check it out at Volunteer CIPHI

2016 Report to Membership

The NEC is pleased to present the 2016 Report to Membership

Publication of membership lists

The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors is proud to announce that effective immediately, the names of all current regular, life, retired and student members will be made available on our national website. These lists will be updated quarterly and are posted as part of the Institute’s ongoing effort to elevate the profile of our profession to employers, operators and the public. This list may also serve useful for employers wishing to verify annual membership status as a condition of employment, where applicable. The posting of this information is done in accordance with National Operational Policy #2 (Personal Information and Privacy).

You can view the list here:

You can view the National Operational Policy #2 here:


Ann Thomas
National President

Audits of Professional Development Hours

The Council of Professional Experience (CoPE) will begin to conduct audits of Professional Development Hours (PDHs) submitted by CIPHI regular members for 2014. The audits are conducted annually and a percentage of regular members from each Branch are selected using a random selection process.

At this time the Members Service Centre (MSC) site is locked and you will not be able to add any more PDH’s for 2014.

If you are selected for an audit, an email will be sent to you after the audit letting you know if you passed or failed your audit. Explanation of the audit is given and members can see any comments made by the auditor. The audits usually take 3-4 weeks to complete.

A revised version of the CIPHI CPC Professional Development Model can be found under the Library tab of the MSC or at http://www.ciphi.ca/files/documents/cpc/prodev.pdf

If you have any questions or comments with respect to audits, please contact CoPE at cope@ciphi.ca